Our attorneys have broad and deep experience in COMMERCIAL bankruptcy, out-of-court restructuring and complex litigation.

Well-Rounded Strategies For Commercial Bankruptcy

Since 2004, our attorneys have represented debtors, creditors, trustees and committees in Chapter 11, Subchapter V, Chapter 15, Chapter 9 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. We also represent businesses and individuals in commercial transactions and with problems in non-bankruptcy matters. As a result, we have an extraordinarily well-rounded approach to solving our clients’ complex financial and business concerns. We also bring a rare depth of financial literacy that aids us in developing strategies for your continued success and helping you make the best financial decisions for you and your company.

How We Can Serve You

Our bankruptcy-related services include:

  • Debtor representation: For companies and individuals, we specialize in regular Chapter 11 and “Subchapter V” reorganizations and complex Chapter 7 liquidations. We are also well-versed with non-bankruptcy workout advice.
  • Creditor representation: Whether you are a secured or unsecured creditor, we bring extensive insight regarding debtor-creditor issues and the economics of potential recoveries in every type of insolvency proceeding. We also defend claim objections and preference and fraudulent conveyance issues on a regular basis.
  • Committee representation: We advise creditors’ committees at all stages of the bankruptcy process to protect unsecured creditors’ rights.
  • Trustee representation: Trustees retain us to handle a diverse variety of bankruptcy issues, from asset investigation and sales to avoidance actions.
  • Buyer representation: We represent buyers in bankruptcy sales and can expertly guide buyers through the ins and outs of the bankruptcy sale process.

We will not hesitate to litigate when necessary or advisable. Our team has demonstrated its excellence in litigation through numerous favorable judgments and settlements.

Focused On Efficient Results

Your bottom line is always our top line. Solutions that are not cost-efficient are not solutions.

Discuss Solutions Today

To discuss our services and how they can benefit you, please contact our Denver office. You can request an initial consultation by calling 303-512-1123 or by using our online contact form.