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In good times, your choice of a law firm to represent you or your enterprise in commercial and financial matters can help you continue to thrive, or avoid missteps due to mistakes or poor decisions. In uncertain economic environments, picking the right law firm to handle financial or litigation matters can mean the difference between insolvency or dissolution and a full-fledged company recovery.

Onsager Fletcher Johnson Palmer LLC, based in Denver, is a general commercial and business law firm with a strong focus on commercial bankruptcy and related matters. Our attorneys don’t just know how to apply the law to your situation, they pride themselves on understanding your financials to help you intelligently plan the next steps your organization should take.

Our practice handles commercial bankruptcy cases, representing debtors and creditors, as well as trustees and committees. We also help clients prevail in complex financial litigation, resolving cases both in civil trials and through negotiated settlements. Finally, we protect the interests of business clients in a variety of transactional settings, such as the purchase and sale of real and personal property and equity; financing; leasing; entity choice and formation; employment agreements; and a wide variety of other business contracts.

Helping Clients Navigate An Ever-Changing Fiscal Environment

Denver businesses have been challenged by a variety of shocks in the past few years, including many related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The metro area has demonstrated resilience in the face of these challenges, in part because of its dynamic, multi-faceted economic base. Similarly, the attorneys of Onsager Fletcher Johnson Palmer LLC have been able to help our clients solve complex threats to their businesses, because of their experience with many aspects of financial reorganization. We also have served a diversity of industries in Denver, including real estate, oil and gas companies, optics manufacturing, retail operations, restaurant franchisers, rural internet providers and construction contractors.

Regardless of your position in a commercial bankruptcy case, a litigated matter or a business transaction, our firm focuses on counsel and representation that will maximize your gain. We inform you of the cost and the benefit of each option we propose and can often provide alternatives that give you a true choice in determining your enterprise’s future.

Real Representation … Real Results

2024 | The firm represents a well-known multi-location Colorado retail business in its chapter 11 subchapter V bankruptcy case.

Real Representation … Real Results

2024 | The firm represents a construction industry debtor in its chapter 11 subchapter V bankruptcy case.

Real Representation … Real Results

2023 | The firm represented defendants in SGS Acquisition v. Guarnera et al, 2023 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 552 (D. Colo. 2023) in an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets case relating to a large zinc mine. The firm obtained summary judgment on numerous claims, a directed verdict following a jury trial in defendants’ favor and an award of attorneys’ fees against the plaintiff for a bad faith claim of misappropriation.

Real Representation … Real Results

2023 | The firm represented the unsecured creditors’ committee in the chapter 11 bankruptcy case of a stalled mountain-town residential high rise.

Real Representation … Real Results

2023 | The firm represented the purchaser of construction industry businesses in and out of bankruptcy in the acquisition and a roll-up of distressed businesses.

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